Understanding Property Taxes in Florida

Florida is renowned for its vast number of theme parks, local attractions, beaches and shopping malls. Unfortunately, there are also a number of local, state and federal taxes of which Florida property owners should be aware.

1 December 2016

Mortgages and Property Tax in Florida

Many Florida homeowners make the decision to purchase with thoughts of visiting the parks, beaches and shopping malls. Most don’t stop to consider their short term, medium and long term objectives.

18 August 2016

Brexit and European Capital Gains Tax

The majority of public and press discussion on a UK exit from the European Union concentrated on immigration, the UK’s financial contribution to EU coffers, and the control of domestic legislation.

12 August 2016

How Equity Release Can Help You Buy a Property

Our expert explains how releasing equity in your current home can help you to buy your dream home abroad.

3 June 2016

Where's best to have your pension income taxed?

29 April 2016

Brits Still Want to Buy Despite Possible Brexit

7 April 2016

Experts Predict the Exchange Rate in 2016

10 March 2016

How to Get a Mortgage in Spain

25 February 2016

How to Get an Overseas Mortgage in 2016

5 February 2016

Transferring Money Abroad | Ask the Expert

19 November 2015
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