How to Save Costs on Your Overseas Currency Transfer

If you're intending to complete on your overseas property this summer, ensure that you seek a good deal on your currency transfer.

30 June 2017

A New Alternative to An Italian Mortgage

If you're looking to buy a property in Italy but aren't able to secure an Italian mortgage, a rent to buy scheme could be just for you.

19 June 2017

Tips From Our Overseas Property Buyers: Currency

In the first part of our new Helpful Tips From Our Home Buyers series, we catch up with Geoffrey and Fiona Smith from the Isle of Man who give advice when it comes to sourcing a reliable foreign currency provider.

26 May 2017

How to avoid Spanish tax nightmares

It is natural for anyone to want to pay less tax. This is so whether in relation to income, capital gains, inheritance, or any other taxable amount. At home in the UK we tend to take the advice of qualified accountants, or tax lawyers, who guide us as to the most effective method of calculating our dues without paying more than we are obliged to pay.

21 April 2017

Essential Tax Checklist for Buying Property in Florida

14 April 2017

Malta - the Tax Friendly Island to Buy

24 March 2017

How to get back money lost on Spanish property

15 March 2017

Types of FX Contracts to Consider Post-Brexit

2 February 2017

Historically Low Rates for French Mortgages

31 January 2017

Understanding Property Taxes in Florida

1 December 2016
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