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FAQs on Getting a Mortgage in Florida

Some readers have reported that getting a mortgage in Florida is tricky. But here an expert provides some answers to 18 of the most frequently asked questions.

29 March 2019

A Guide to Financing the Purchase of Spanish Property

How do you tackle getting a mortgage in Spain? This guide addresses all of your main concerns.

3 August 2018

Top Tips on Securing an Overseas Mortgage

Overseas property and finance specialists Simon Conn provides some top tips for securing that all-important overseas mortgage.

9 February 2018

Video | Tips For a Successful French Mortgage Application

Listen to our official French mortgage partners who provide you with their top tips for a successful French mortgage application.

5 September 2017

Timing is Everything With Your Currency Exchange

27 July 2017

How to Save Costs on Your Overseas Currency Transfer

30 June 2017

A New Alternative to An Italian Mortgage

19 June 2017

How to avoid Spanish tax nightmares

21 April 2017

Essential Tax Checklist for Buying Property in Florida

14 April 2017

Malta - the Tax Friendly Island to Buy

24 March 2017
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