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July 2015

Ask the Expert | Insuring Property Abroad

We speak to an insurance expert about how to insure your property abroad

31 July 2015

Buying Property Abroad | Life’s Too Short to Dither

The Lambs attended our show & bought a new home in the Algarve within a week..

29 July 2015

Buying Property in the Caribbean

We take a look at the Caribbean property market and provide potential buyers with some top tips.

28 July 2015

Malta: The Market

Take a look at Liz Rowlinson's quick guide to the Malta property market.

24 July 2015

What now for Greece?

24 July 2015

Download our new 2015 buying guide to Florida

20 July 2015

Is Madrid the new hotspot for UK buyers?

17 July 2015

What next for the Spanish market?

16 July 2015

Ask the expert: Overseas wills - beware new regulations

13 July 2015
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