Download our new 2015 buying guide to Florida

Monday, July 20, 2015

Download our new 2015 buying guide to Florida

There are clues to the special appeal of Florida in its nickname of "The Sunshine State" and the fact that Florida is Spanish for "flowery". It is a warm and beautiful place to be, with a blissful Caribbean climate, first-world infrastructure and a truly hospitable attitude.

For those keen to rent their homes some or all of the time, 100 million tourists will come to Florida in 2015 and that number rises every year. Many of those are from the UK. The flight time from the UK is less than nine hours and the UK Government cut air passenger taxes for British children in April 2015, saving hundreds of pounds for young families visiting DisneyWorld, Universal Studios and all the other attractions of central Florida.

The American know-how and willingness to think big, that makes Florida such a touristheaven, extends to its property. It is big, well-thought out and amazingly inexpensive. Property that would be considered luxurious by British standards is readily available and highly affordable. The new thing is 10-bedroom-plus properties so entire extended families can enjoy a holiday together. See what we mean about thinking big?

For many, it's a no-brainer. When you can pick up an attractive family villa within a short drive of Disneyworld for well under £100,000, why wouldn't you choose Florida?

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