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September 2009

Meet the landlords - Spanish bakery

In 2005 Jon Hales and his partner Beth, from Surrey starred on A Place in the Sun. They've since transformed an old bakery in Spain

24 September 2009

Shop around for currency

3 September 2009

Travelling overseas? Keep your pants on !

Holidays are a time to let your hair down and break free from the shackles of everyday life, but if youre not careful you could come back red-faced after a visit to your holiday home and not from getting too much sun

3 September 2009

Are you looking for a home like this?

Have you had to put plans to move to sunny Spain on hold because you cant find a buyer for your UK home? If so, we could have the answer swap with someone who is struggling to sell a Spanish property of a similar value to yours, such as reader Charlotte Wilkinson.

3 September 2009

Schooling in France

1 September 2009