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Moving abroad checklist

You've bought your place in the sun, the big day for the move is approaching, but where do you start in getting your entire home ready to move it, particularly as you're heading overseas?!

1 December 2007

The benefits of registering for a Spanish residence permit

There are some benefits to having a residence permit while owning a property and living in Spain. Being a resident can be particularly useful in avoiding some of the taxes that non-residents must pay...

1 October 2007

The Spanish land grab

Britons dreaming of a happy retirement in the Spanish sunshine have been warned that they could fall victim to a scandalous land grab...

1 September 2007

Installing a pool at your property in Spain

If you're considering installing a pool at your property in Spain, then you'll need to apply and wait for permisison before commencing any building work...

1 July 2007

Accessing healthcare in Spain

31 May 2007

Travelling abroad with your pet

1 May 2007

Building guarantees in France

1 April 2007

Land guarantees and the buying process in Croatia

1 March 2007

Understanding your tax liability when living abroad

1 March 2007
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