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Travelling abroad with your pet

Travelling abroad with your pet

The (PETS), pets travel scheme permits you to take your dog or cat to most of the countries in Western Europe without the trauma of putting your much loved pet into quarantine. To qualify for your pet passport you must adhere to certain strict rules relating directly to your animals health.

  1. Animals must have been implanted with microchip identification which meets the ISO (International Organization for Standadization) specification.
  2. Animals have to be a minimum of 3 months old and already with a microchip implanted before their first vaccination.
  3. They must be vaccinated for rabies (booster vaccs to be given per requirement)
  4. A blood test will follow these vaccinations. This will take place a minimum of 30 days after their rabies vaccination to determine whether it was successful of not. In the event of the animal failing this blood test, the will have be vaccinated and then tested once more.
  5. If the blood test is successful, your dog or cat must have a certificate signed by a vet holding a LVI (local veterinary inspector) ensuring that the above regulations have been adhered to.
  6. Your animal must also be treated for tapeworm with praziquantel and for ticks with fiprinol 24-48 hours before commencing the journey and that the Veterinarian who carried out the treatment has indicated the date and time when this treatment was carried out. You will also need to repeat this treatment before your return to the UK

Travelling with pets on or after 1st January 2012

The rules for travelling with your pet cats and dogs to the UK will change on 1st January 2012 in order to bring the rules into line with other European countries. This means your pet can undergo the necessary pre-entry treatment (e.g microchipping, vaccination and blood testing as required) either before they travel in the country of origin, or if they enter quarantine in the UK, whilst they are in quarantine. To ensure that pets are compliant for travel on or after 1st January 2012, pets may begin the process of preparation now in any country.

An queries you may have can be answered by contacting PETS 0870 2411 710


  • Try to make sure you know exact position of microchip before you travel.
  • Make sure you take with you all the necessary documents: certificate, proof of vaccines etc..

ABTA travel agents should be able to advise you on which companies accomadate animal travel. For an up to date list of which companies can take pets visit the DEFRA website.

A list of countries where animals are allowed to travel to so far will be posted here shortly.

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