Escape to the sun this winter (and save on your energy bills!)

Energy bills are rising across Europe and many of us are dreading the sort of money we might have to pay this winter. But such rises are not equal - find out about where you could move to save money

23 September 2022

Working remotely in your holiday home abroad

The Pandemic that began in 2019 has changed the way some people work. Is it possible to work from home abroad?

24 August 2022

Why more British buyers want to take a Spanish mortgage

Buyers are back in Spain and they are borrowing again too, it seems. Agents and lawyers report an uptick in buyers taking out mortgages to buy properties, especially for purchasing holiday homes on the Costas. 

2 July 2022

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16 June 2022

Is it cheaper for me to live abroad?

16 May 2022

What would £360k buy you abroad?

26 April 2022

What can you buy for £150,000 around the world?

31 March 2022

Selling fast! Limited tickets remaining for A Place in the Sun Live Manchester 2022

25 February 2022

Masterclass 8. Practicalities of Moving

23 February 2022

Planning your viewing trip

16 February 2022
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