Communal or Private Pools | Weekly Selection

Weekly Selection of properties with a communal or private pool!

10 April 2017

Laura Hamilton Opens The Lord Roberts

The Lord Roberts opens today!

10 April 2017

TV Show Destinations | Weekly Selection

We can't wait for a new series of A Place in the Sun, but in the meantime, here is a selection of some of our most popular destinations which have been featured on the TV show.

3 April 2017

Where Would our Presenters Buy in 2017?

Our TV presenters spend their days helping people find their dream homes but among all the locations they visit, what has caught their eye? We asked the question and some of the answers may surprise (and even match!)

28 March 2017

Family Homes | Weekly Selection

27 March 2017

Countryside Homes | Weekly Selection

20 March 2017

Homes by the Sea | Weekly Selection

13 March 2017

Mediterranean Selection | March 2017

8 March 2017

Homes Over £150,000 | Weekly Selection

6 March 2017

Where Are They Now? The Buyers' Stories

2 March 2017
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