August 2016

Love at First Sight on Ibiza | Case Study

Ever since getting engaged on a holiday to Ibiza, Andy and Sally Wright had dreamed about eventually buying a place of their own on the island.

30 August 2016

Easy Access is Key to Buying Abroad

The proximity of airports and frequency of flights is an important practicality that is often forgotten. Here Nigel Lewis explains why it should be near the top of every buyer's list.

23 August 2016

Enjoying our Semi-Retirement in Crete | Case Study

Roger Collins and Elizabeth Andrew fell in love with Crete on their second visit to the island in 2011. They talk to us about having a home built 2,500 miles away from the UK and life on the island.

19 August 2016

Mortgages and Property Tax in Florida

Many Florida homeowners make the decision to purchase with thoughts of visiting the parks, beaches and shopping malls. Most don’t stop to consider their short term, medium and long term objectives.

18 August 2016

House Hunting on the Greek Islands - Part 2

16 August 2016

Brexit and European Capital Gains Tax

12 August 2016

Finding an Income for Expats

11 August 2016

Tickets on Sale for A Place in the Sun Live!

5 August 2016

Tickets on Sale for A Place in the Sun Live!

5 August 2016
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