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June 2013

The summer 2013 issue of A Place in the Sun magazine is out now

The summer 2013 issue of A Place in the Sun magazine is packed full of useful advice if you're thinking of buying a property abroad, with advice on buying property in Florida, Spain, Cyprus, France, Menorca, Italy, Montenegro, Portugal, Turkey and more...

27 June 2013

A beginners guide to the world of overseas property

The overseas property sector is not like the UK market. You may think this is obvious, but do you really understand how the process of buying abroad works?

22 June 2013

Montenegro: big plans for property hunters

With property plans a plenty, Montenegro, once part of Yugoslavia and independent of Serbia since 2006, has grandiose plans to become the self-proclaimed "Monaco of the Balkans".

22 June 2013

A grand Tour de France of French properties

What might property hunters find along the 2013 Tour de France route? We do a quick circuit.

20 June 2013

A new French property scheme defying the downturn

20 June 2013

Tax relief for French second home owners

20 June 2013

The secrets of the best holiday rental apartments

17 June 2013

Spanish bank properties made simple

16 June 2013

Can the Spanish property market recover as swiftly as Florida's?

16 June 2013
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