The secrets of the best holiday rental apartments

The secrets of the best holiday rental apartments

What do the most successful holiday rentals apartments have in common?

Holiday rentals are big business these days, as the sector continues to grow year on year.

Of course many of the most popular properties will have great locations, but that aside, how can you ensure that you can set your apartment rental apart from the rest?

Recently, had a look at the best-selling apartments on their site to see what their secrets are, says Ramon Glieneke, Commercial & Marketing Director of

"Despite being in varying locations and price brackets, they have [bestselling apartments] have four key things in common: location - being close to key amenities certainly helps achieve rentals; a proactive owner maintaining information and adjusting prices to suit demand; a comprehensive selection of great quality photos, and finally a regular stream of reviews from customers." has also used Google Analytics to look into the most searched facilities by users of its apartment listings website for summer reservations. The results help build up an idea of how to make an apartment attractive to potential lettings tenants.

1. Top of the list: a terrace - unsurprising, as travellers of all ages will be keen to soak up the sun with a little outside space, whether they're on a city break or a week's beach holiday. This top-selling apartment in Barcelona is a great example:: it is only a small 35m2 one-bed apartment yet it has a 15m2 terrace (pictured) which is a hit with guests, according to the online feedback. Centrally located in El Raval district, it rents from €69 per night.

2. Air conditioning - essential for getting a good night's sleep in most sunny destinations during the summer. This apartment in Rome will be deliciously cool after a hard day's sightseeing:

3. Internet access. Wifi in particular is increasingly welcomed by travellers who are keen to search the web, keep their social networks updated or just check their emails while away. Many apartment owners now offer free wifi for guests throughout their stay.

4. Good kitchen kit. Kitchen facilities as an essential holiday-enabling facility - unsurprising, since being able to cook a range of meals and store food is a top concern, particularly for families.

5. Parking. A holiday rental with no parking attached can turn out to be a very pricey inconvenience and could lose you bookings. Remember if your building doesn't have its own car park, there's also the possibility of renting a space long-term and giving guests access.

We look at many further ways you can promote your holiday rental property in the summer issue of A Place in the Sun magazine (out on 27th June).


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