South Florida: life's a beach

South Florida: life's a beach

There could be worse places to spend the rest of your life than Florida, with its 825 miles of beaches.

Choose between remote island getaways, big city beaches and family-friendly shores – there's a beach to suit every kind of taste!

Michael Skovron, of the Skovron Group, based in Weston, South Florida, selects some highlights with an idea of how much bang you might get for your buck in these areas…

South Beach
South Beach is an international playground offering non-stop nightlife, unique architecture and plenty of people-watching. This is the place to see and be seen, with art deco style boutiques and hotels. When imagining the South Beach scene, think "Baywatch" with white sands and water sports. Apartments cost from $30,000.

Palm Beach
It may have more than 47 miles of pristine beaches, but the crown jewel of Palm Beach County FL, is, without a doubt, exclusive Palm Beach - a 14-mile-long, half-mile-wide island of wealth and extravagance. In West Palm Beach apartments start at $18,000 and go up to $9 million.


The biggest dilemma when chilling on the pearly white sands in Naples is to decide which way to look. On one side are the rolling waves and on the other the gleaming mansions that make up Millionaires' Row. One of the most popular beaches at Naples Pier is in the city, on 12th Avenue South. Prices start from $10,000 for an apartment/condo.

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