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Time to gamble on Las Vegas?

Time to gamble on Las Vegas?

Reports from the US show that the Las Vegas real estate market looks to be on its way to recovery.

According to property experts in the area, the number of homes sold in Las Vegas have risen month on month for the last six months, with many buyers coming from outside of the US and using cash for their purchase. Indeed, demand has been so great that many companies have had to take on extra staff and introduce new telephone numbers to meet the growing demand.

And the good news for the property hungry investors is that the Las Vegas real estate market looks set to recover. CNNMoney, MarketWatch and Inman News have all ranked Las Vegas among the top 10 US cities to invest in, citing the area's popularity with technology companies as a positive sign for future growth. The city is also consistently ranked highly by lifestyle publications for the year-round amenities it offers. In recent years it has been listed as a top US food and wine destination, and has also been named one of the USA's most diverse cities and one of the sunniest places to retire in America.

Ashley McCormick of Realty One, Nevada's number one Las Vegas real estate company comments: “Buyers and investors are excited about the opportunity they are able to acquire for the money.”

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