Own your very own space station

Own your very own space station

2012 is the year the world is predicted to end - again- which is just one of the reasons you may want to consider spending your life savings on a $2.95 million nuclear-bombproof, Armageddon-resistant, space-station home. After all, you won¹t need them for much longer.

The Jamesburg Earth Station in Cachaua Valley, California, is a unique, securely-fenced 160-acre property that comes with a three-bedroom house, a 20,000-square-foot building, a helipad, and a 10-story satellite dish and antenna. You know ­ the basics.

The homemade lunar history as part of the 1968 moon landings, receiving communications from the surface of the moon and transmitting some of the very first images of the Apollo 11 landing. It is able to withstand a 5-megaton nuclear hit and as it has its own air system, it is also equipped to deal with a biological or nuclear attack.

And while you¹re waiting on the apocalypse, the station and attendant buildings also have some pretty spectacular views. Located next door to a family vineyard and situated on 160 acres of farmland, the property is also only 20 miles away from stunning Monterey.

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