October 2008

Jonnie Irwin and Jasmine Harman on buying in the current economic climate

In the current ecenomic climate, buying and selling property requires a slightly different approach...

16 October 2008

The Uruguayan Job - Natasha Caine

Not a lot of people know that Michael Caine's daughter has a keen eye for property. When she's not chatting with her dad in a sherbert dab, she's in South America

16 October 2008

Installing a swimming pool at your Italian property

Installing a pool at your property in Italy can add value to your home but can also keep the kids entertained for hours on end. Although it's important to get the right permissions and choose the right builder otherwise you could end up with a bit of a headache on your hands...

1 October 2008

Residency and entry requirements for British citizens moving to Italy

All EU nationals can become residents in Italy, but becoming one, can be quite a lengthy process. Whilst it's not mandatory, you could get a healthy tax break when buying a house.

1 October 2008