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Residency and entry requirements for British citizens moving to Italy

Residency and entry requirements for British citizens moving to Italy

All EU nationals can become residents in Italy, but becoming one, can be quite a lengthy process. Whilst it's not mandatory, you could get a healthy tax break when buying a house.

To enter Italy you need a full UK passport, which allows you to stay for up to three months, giving you soime time to settle in and find a job etc. Italian authorities may ask for proof that you have the finances to see you through this time and enough money to return home.

You should ensure that all your important documents, such as marriage certificate, birth certificate etc are all translated into Italian.

Before your three months is up, you will need to apply for a residence certificate at the Anagrafe office of the local town hall. This is a form of confirmation that you really do live where you claim to and the local police will personally come and pay you a visit to verify you live where you say you do.

You will require proof of employment or financial resources, which can be in the form of bank statements, tax returns or a contract.

For EU nationals having this card means:

  • You have permission to reside in the territory of the country of residence for at least five years. This is automatically. A student's permit is only valid for one year but is also renewable.
  • You have the right to leave the country for up to six months and be able to, longer if you are undertaking military service in your country of origin;

If you have family members that will be moving with you, you will need to apply for 'Permesso di soggiorno' for them. If they are dependants you may be required to provide proof of kinship with them. The permesso di soggiorno is issued free of charge or on a payment fee of no higher than a national residence card for your own country.


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