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Being different, and specifically being a different type of Spanish estate agent, does not necessarily mean that you are better. Here at Spanishhomes.Online we’re different and we’re better. It’s not just about saving money, although we do guarantee that you will save some of your hard-earned cash. We also have some unique characteristics that will make your buying experience in Spain so much better.Why are online estate agents so successful? The main reason is due to cost savings. We don’t pay for lights, electricity, air conditioning or expensive office space. That money that we save we pass directly to our buyers. It’s pretty simple; our costs are lower, we pass the savings directly to you and still you don’t have to feel bad for us- because of our efficient system we can still earn enough money to keep the virtual lights on. You are not spending your cash on a vanity project when you’re buying from this particular estate agent!! No, we have the deals, we can get the discounts and then we pass them to you.

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Calle Flore 3
Bajo C, La Zenia
Orihuela Costa

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