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Masterclass 2022 - 2. Finding your perfect property

Masterclass 2022 - 2. Finding your perfect property

Use the resources we have created to begin & refine your research and search, making sure your dreams can become a reality.

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Now you have fixed on your geographical search boundaries, you can get to searching through the properties we have listed on the site. With thousands of options at your fingertips, it is crucial to get the right filters in place, so you only see what matters to you. Use our keyword search to add those specific requirements into the search and see what comes up.

The filters are in place, you are seeing the right kind of property... but the perfect one hasn't caught your eye as of yet, don't worry - these things don't happen overnight! You can set up your own personalised property alerts so you don't miss the newest properties emerging onto the market. Create as many as you wish, and select the regularity of the notifications you receive into your inbox. 

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Top Tip: Try different descriptive words of your requirements to make sure you are not missing out on any hidden gems!

Supporting Webinars

Learn from the industries finest on what you can get for your money where. Understand what different countries markets are looking like, uncover where you should be looking to get that perfect sunset view or a choice selection of amenities right on your doorstep. Our library of webinars is ever growing and with some of the most popular locations already covered, the information you are looking for could be right there - waiting for you!

The various estate agencies have highlighted a wide variety of properties that are currently on the market with frontline beach apartments in the south-western tip of Spain, 7-bedroom homes in Kissimmee, Florida and idyllic countryside properties in Portugal - perfect for those looking to work from home. 

Get your note pad and pen ready to jot down all the information you need!

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