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Laura Hamilton & Jasmine Harman Gym-Off for Comic Relief

Laura Hamilton & Jasmine Harman Gym-Off for Comic Relief

Laura Hamilton and Jasmine Harman, both long-standing TV presenters of A Place in the Sun, might be good friends and share similar interests in property and travel, but their rivalry has been intensifying off-camera for a very worthy cause.

Behind the scenes, both Laura and Jasmine have been working hard in their local south London gym training for a series of challenges in support of Comic Relief. Quite impressive given their busy filming schedules overseas, and their recent visit to A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester.

So what is the challenge and most importantly how is the winner decided? It's quite simple, seven challenges, two challengers, and the presenter with the most wins is the overall champion.

But to keep things fair and to test their range of gym skills, these challenges cover multiple bases. These include jab crosses, alternating front kicks, skipping, tennis shots and even their ballet moves!

So here we go, the gloves are off (apart from the first challenge, of course), but there can only be one winner. So who will it be - our favourite vegan Jasmine Harman or cool coffee shop owner Laura Hamilton?

Check out the video below to find out and if you're able to, then please make a donation to the Comic Relief giving page here.

Watch Jasmine's and Laura's gym challenge video below

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