Learn The Key Facts About Buying a Property in Spain

Learn The Key Facts About Buying a Property in Spain

A Place in the Sun Live at Manchester Central is just over a week away, where you can gain essential advice on purchasing an overseas property in a range of countries worldwide, including Spain.

Spain has been a favourite amongst Brits for years, and there are currently over 300,000 living on the country's shores and inland, from the Costa Blanca, all the way down to the Canary Islands.

If you're looking to follow suit and purchase a new home abroad in Spain, then it's important you're well aware of the facts and buying process before proceeding. By joining us at A Place in the Sun Live in Manchester between 16th-18th March, you'll be able to obtain this information from industry experts during the three-day event.

Join us for an expert panel discussion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday where you'll be able to learn more about:

- The timeless appeal of Spain amongst British buyers

- Popular buyer hotspots in Spain

- The key legal considerations behind purchasing a Spanish property

- Whether you should buy an old or new property

- Key financial aspects, including how to get a Spanish mortgage

- Ongoing costs of ownership - such as maintenance fees if you're buying on an urbanization

- Tax & residency factors - including inheritance tax and wills

- Retiring in Spain and healthcare considerations

This will be chaired by our award-winning editor of A Place in the Sun magazine Liz Rowlinson who'll be speaking with a range of industry professionals.

If you're looking purchase a property in Spain in the foreseeable future, then be sure to join us at Manchester Central by clicking the link below.

Join us for a place in the sun live at Manchester central

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