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Q&A Recap | Where to live in France?

Q&A Recap | Where to live in France?

Last month we ran an exclusive Twitter Q&A session with French estate agent Leggett Immobilier, where our followers were invited to ask their questions relating to buying a property in France. A range of topics were addressed including popular regions in the country, the impact of Brexit on the French property market and how to begin the property search process.

Take a closer look at the Q&A below, and be sure to download our free guide to buying a property in France too at the bottom of the page.

Q1) Which are the most popular areas in France for British buyers?

Q2) France is such a huge country - how do you get started on a property search?

Q3) What is the current impact of Brexit on ownership and purchasing?

Q4) Do I need to be on the Côte d’Azur to get guaranteed sunshine?

Q5) I've got a relatively budget but love skiing, are the Alps a pipe dream?

Q6) Which areas do you think will see the biggest price rises in the next year?

Q7) Are there any hidden French gems that are still relatively undiscovered, property-wise?

Download our free guide to buying a property in France

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