What's a viewing trip?

What's a viewing trip?

When buying abroad it’s essential at some stage to arrange a viewing trip(s) to take a closer look at the properties that you’ve identified. Simply make property enquiries on websites such as and then get more details from the agent and arrange to view.

You can organise the trip yourself and arrange to meet different agents and see the properties you’re interested in. Alternatively, you can go on a viewing trip arranged by the agent or developer, some of them offer this at a subsidised price, but this means you will see the properties from that agent only.

Our advice to you before and during a viewing or inspection trip is:

  • Discuss in advance the schedule of your viewing trip with the estate agents and what properties you’ll see
  • Agree on the terms of your trip in advance
  • Take a map with you, make notes and take photographs of each property
  • Take a list of questions with you
  • Don’t rush into a purchase and take as many trips as you need. Make sure that you get a good feel for the local area
  • Before you go, download our buying guide to that country via the following link -
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