I don't know if the price is right?

I don't know if the price is right?

This may seem obvious but identifying a budget from the off is essential to your property search. Prices in most markets have recovered from 2008 levels and while there is usually room for negotiation, you need to be realistic.

Not only will it save you time, it will also allow you to focus on a smaller cluster of properties in greater detail, as opposed to viewing properties that are out of your price range. Buying a home abroad is a big decision that shouldn’t and needn’t be rushed, so make sure you’re 100% happy before committing to your purchase.

Like buying in the UK, negotiations are the norm and your budget will inevitably fluctuate depending on how much you want the property. Make sure you set yourself a minimum and maximum budget to play with and don’t forget to use a reliable source when working out the exchange rate from the local currency to sterling when submitting an offer. You should also consider purchase costs and your ongoing costs once you’ve bought your property, such as property maintenance.

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