Case Study | Why I Love my Paphos Property

Case Study | Why I Love my Paphos Property

Claire Alderton is certainly no stranger to A Place in the Sun. After attending our Live exhibitions, visiting and taking tips from our official magazine, she recently decided to follow her heart and purchase her dream property in Paphos, Cyprus with her partner Ben. Since then, she's been acclimatising to the laid-back culture, meeting the locals and even building snowmen in the mountains!

I choose to buy in Cyprus for 2 reasons.

Firstly, it has such a long season, we have done everything from building snowmen up in the mountains in February and the same day going down to have lunch on the beach, right the way through to being able to sit out in clothes like this in December.

So, not only that, the long season, the fact they drive on the same side of the road, and it’s a big island, there is always lots to see and do. This time we have come out and gone paddle boarding, we have gone along to waterparks, eaten at lovely tavernas up in the hills, and I think it’s the fact we have never had a bad meal anywhere, everybody is so incredibly friendly, I am so pleased we made this purchase, right the way from the first time we went to the A Place in the Sun exhibition, to taking out a subscription to their magazine, just to get tips, I found it absolutely invaluable.

Since I have been out here there are lots of Facebook groups, the actual development of Le Morne Has its own newsletters, and they are just an absolute wealth of information. It has really been my best purchase yet.

Prices in Cyprus are still really quite low, I bought my apartment which is a large studio with beautiful sea and mountain views like this behind me for the same price you would probably buy a family car in the UK. So all I would say to anybody is take that chance and make that break and buy in Cyprus.

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