Download our new 2015 buying guide to Spain

Download our new 2015 buying guide to Spain

It's not hard to see why Spain is so popular for both holiday makers and property buyers. It receives over 60 million international tourists a year which is more than the whole population of Spain, around 47 million.

Why? Its various international airports are easy to get to from the UK, served by plenty of lowcost airlines, it's got a great climate, that much loved Mediterranean lifestyle and the superb infrastructure. Spain has of course had its own share of problems in the last few years, but it still offers good value for money when buying property and there's plenty of choice for all those British buyers with a freed-up pension pot of £60k or £70k.

What's more, many people still want to live there full-time - some 800,000 Britons live in Spain, making it one of the most important host countries for UK expatriates abroad. Healthcare and education costs can be competitive and there is also a healthy appetite for running small businesses in the tourism sector.

For more information about the popular areas as well as legal information, costs, services and ways to save money - download our new buying guide to Spain here >>>

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