Family holiday trends: mum's the word

Family holiday trends: mum's the word

Despite all the jokes and jibes, it would seem that mother-in-laws are actually very popular when it comes to our holidays abroad.

A new survey, in the lead-up to Mother's Day, from holiday rentals site, has revealed that over 50 per cent of us would happily share their summer villa with their mother-in-law.

Nearly 45 per cent of respondents travel with their extended family at least once a year and three-quarters said they enjoy holidaying thisn way because they get to spend more time time together. Of course it is also a means of free childcare, with a familiar babysitter on tap!

"It is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many families, " says Erica Chang of

"Many families are learning to be more flexible and strategic about when and where they travel and how much they spend on their holiday accommodation, to make the most of their well-earned break."

The McConnells from Truro (average family group: 14, pictured) definitely agree with this.

"We've all travelled together many times and enjoy each other's company," says Sarah, 42, who travels with her mother, 63, sister, mother-in-law (and partners) as well as seven children, aged four to eighteen.

"The children have all grown up together so get on really well and we try to stay at a property with a good pool as we all have fun messing around in the water."

Holiday villa and apartment owners can capitalise on this trend by providing very flexible accommodation - from rooms with extra sofabeds, to beds that can be moved around and extra bathrooms, say experts.

In Orlando, for example, an area especially popular with extended family groups, Carol Chant of Dream Homes Orlando suggests that four-bedders with two master suites work best so two families can share a property comfortably. Find out plenty more tips about renting out your holiday home in the Spring issue of A Place in the Sun magazine (out April 4th), or click here to find HomeAway's guide to renting out your property.

Or of course there are always plenty of properties on this site with with separate apartments, outbuildings, sheds...


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