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Brazil, Thailand and USA offering ‘great opportunities’ in 2013

Brazil, Thailand and USA offering ‘great opportunities’ in 2013

Investors thinking of buying an overseas property in 2013 should consider Brazil, Thailand or the USA, which all show great promise of returns, according to one investment and real estate consultant.

Distressed markets in Detroit, Florida, Cleveland and Atlanta, as well as emerging markets in Brazil and Pattaya, Thailand, are tipped by Crystal Investment and Real Estate as offering excellent rental returns, as well as positive price appreciation.

Speaking about the US property market, the company's Managing Director Luke Smith commented: "Due to the existing well developed and immense infrastructure in the US, which will help in the recovery of these areas, the distressed markets in these US states offer safer and more tangible investments as people are buying existing properties, all with existing tenants and all completely refurbished. Here, it is question of 'when' and not 'if' these markets will improve again."

And Smith was also full of praise for the emerging markets in Brazil and Thailand, both of which have seen increasing investment and booming tourism numbers over the last few years.

"Property prices in Brazil are still significantly cheaper than Western Europe and we believe the country will continue to offer great opportunities for investors for the next few years. In Thailand, the government is removing the red tape to enable foreign nationals to own property and invest in the east side for the first time. It is already much easier to travel to Pattaya and tourists are recognising this part of Thailand as a cheaper, less touristy place to travel" he added.

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