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Expat way of life 'more appealing' than 10 years ago

Expat way of life 'more appealing' than 10 years ago

Nearly 50 per cent of expats who have lived overseas for ten years or more believe that they made the right decision in moving abroad, according to research conducted by

The company's survey, which looked at expats from a range of countries including emigration favourites Australia, the USA and Spain, found that 49.16% of those surveyed continued to enjoy living in the place they had moved to, despite economic pressures from the global economic crisis.

While many countries have experienced severe boom and bust over the last ten years, it seems that enthusiasm hasn't dampened for the expat way of life. In fact, many of the expats surveyed in countries such as Australia, the USA and UAE reported having a better quality of life with more prospects for employment, an overall lower cost of living, easier access to cheap and desirable property and decent levels of economic growth.

In addition, 18.37% felt that their quality of life in their new homeland had not largely altered in the last ten years, indicating that they have not suffered too much as a result of the recession. The remaining 32.47% suggested that their lives abroad were not as positive as they had been a decade ago.

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