Revealed: overseas destinations where your money stretches further

Revealed: overseas destinations where your money stretches further

Specialist currency company has analysed property prices and currency fluctuations around the world to come up with a list of countries which currently offer the best value for money when it comes to buying and selling.

The company has concluded that now is a good time to buy in Sweden, Italy and Japan, all of which have seen property values fall and their currencies weaken against the pound since 2011. And for those looking to sell property, now is the perfect opportunity to put your Canadian home on the market. Rising property prices and the strength of the Canadian dollar compared to the pound means that you'll get more for your Canadian real estate compared with 2011.

Many of the destinations looked at by the company offered value for money in just one area. For example, while property in the USA was cheaper than in 2011, the dollar was stronger against the pound. And while Switzerland, New Zealand and Austria have all seen property prices rise in 2012, their currencies have weakened against the pound.

Whether you're buying or selling, currency experts say that it is important to try and get the best possible deals by using the services of specialist companies who can make your money work even harder.

Stephen Hughes, Director of, said: “Too often when people buy property abroad, they forget to look for a specialist currency provider and end up wasting hundreds of pounds on an uncompetitive exchange rate. Specialists commonly beat bad bank rates as they buy currency from a variety of sources and negotiate on behalf of their customers to obtain the best exchange rates possible.”

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