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New simcard service cuts the cost of calling overseas

New simcard service cuts the cost of calling overseas

A new simcard service which aims to cut the cost of calling overseas has been launched by Ritesim.

The company provides a one-stop service which allows customers to purchase a sim card and obtain a local phone number for use in the country of their choice, for a minimal cost. Customers can either choose cards with pre-loaded call time or stand-alone pay-as-you-go sims which can be topped up easily in destination or online and offer extremely competitive rates, meaning users can avoid expensive roaming charges. The sim cards, which can be ordered online, can be shipped to any destination in the world.

For those travelling to and from an overseas property, and making regular calls to keep in touch with friends and family, Ritesim's service means that there is no need to commit to a landline agreement or the need to go through the tricky process of trying to buy a local number abroad. Plus, because the number is local to that country, calls within the country are cheaper as well.

Calls from Spain to a mobile in the UK cost 8p a minute and calls to a landline cost 4p a minute. Text messages from Spain to a UK mobile number using the Ritesim card cost 15p per text. Lebara to Lebara calls are free of charge.

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