Kenya a top investment spot for the world’s wealthy?

Kenya a top investment spot for the world’s wealthy?

Kenya, economic growth and investment opportunities may not be words you'd normally see together in one sentence, but it seems that the top end of the country's housing market is thriving, with property in Kenya being seen by the world's super rich as a great place to deposit their money.

The East African nation has been named by a host of recent surveys as an investment 'safe haven', with reports including Knight Frank and Citibank's World Wealth Report 2012 highlighting the fact that the country had the best performing luxury homes market in the world in 2011, as well as the biggest rise in house prices in the world. Proof, perhaps, that a Kenyan investment is a positive one.

Two stylish new Kenyan projects that are attracting attention are a development in the Laikipia area, north of Nairobi, and a clutch of homes on the Indian Ocean island of Lamu, both designed and built by Leslie Duckworth.

“Frank Lloyd Wright, the American architect, said property shouldn't be on a hill, it should be of a hill. And that's my philosophy, to blend in naturally with nature and to be part of that natural experience,” says Duckworth.

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