Spanish mortgage enquiries up 33 per cent

Spanish mortgage enquiries up 33 per cent

Enquiries from overseas property hunters looking to secure a Spanish mortgage have risen by 33 per cent during May and June, according to overseas mortgage specialist Conti.

The company believes that favourable exchange rates and buying conditions, coupled with the fact that mortgage lending is generally good, have meant that overseas property buyers still have an appetite for property in Spain. Maximum loan to value loans are still high at around 65-70 per cent.

Clare Nessling, Director at Conti, says: “Bargain prices and the opportunity to negotiate these down even further with some very motivated sellers mean that it's most certainly a buyer's market. In addition, despite the ongoing eurozone crisis, the growing strength of the pound, which has been rising against the euro to levels not seen for around four years, is boosting the budgets of British buyers. These factors, together with historically low interest rates, are making it more affordable to buy in Spain right now. And signs that the market is improving are starting to lift the confidence of prospective buyers.”

The company were also keen to stress the importance of getting indepent advice “You should always go through the same process that you would follow if you were buying a property in the UK. Take independent advice from an English-speaking lawyer who is not connected to your seller, estate agent or property developer. And ensure an independent valuation of the property is carried out, even if you're buying in cash.”

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