Owning a home makes you happier

Owning a home makes you happier

Owning your own property has a positive effect on your mood, according to a new report from the Office of National Statistics.

The department's national well-being report found that 80 per cent of adults who owned a home said that they had a medium to high level of life satisfaction, significantly above the 68 per cent of those who do not.

However, with huge numbers of first time buyers struggling to get onto the ladder and house prices in many areas significantly out of reach of many, Brits desperate to take part in home ownership may find that an overseas property is the answer. The pound growing in strength means that the exchange rate against the euro hit a four-year high this month, boosting the budget of British buyers of overseas property, particularly in countries where prices have fallen significantly.

"These factors, together with historically low interest rates, are making it more affordable to buy in Spain right now," commented Clare Nessling, Director of overseas mortgage company Conti, "And signs that the market is improving are starting to lift the confidence of prospective buyers."”

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