More wealthy Brits than ever considering moving abroad

More wealthy Brits than ever considering moving abroad

A growing number of wealthy Brits are considering moving abroad – many within the next two years - according to research from Lloyds TSB International Wealth.

Figures produced by the company suggest that more than half a million (544,000) people with over £250,000 of savings and investments (excluding property) may leave in the next two years, with crime and anti social behaviour, weather, and taxes the main reasons given for relocation. 43% of those surveyed felt that Brits were less happy than those living in other countries, while 41% felt that life was more stressful in Britain and 42% felt that they would have a better quality of life abroad.

France was the most popular country being considered as a relocation destination, with 18% listing it as their first choice. 17% said they would consider a move to Spain, 11% were looking to relocate to the USA, 9% wanted to move to Australia, 5% were looking at New Zealand and 4% were thinking of buying property in Canada.

“While the figures strongly suggest we won't see a mass exodus, it is clear that a significant and growing minority see opportunity and a better quality of life overseas.” comments Nicholas Boys Smith, Director of Lloyds TSB International Wealth.

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