Invest in Brittany for great deals say local agents

Invest in Brittany for great deals say local agents

French real estate agents Town and Country Property France are urging investors interested in property in France to consider Brittany where property prices have reached extremely attractive levels.

A spokesperson from the agency, Richard Dannreuther, comments "Prices have stabilized over the last few months but there are still plenty of bargains to be had. The lower end of the market is very buoyant and those who don't have a restricted budget can make the most of a huge selection of Brittany properties. With so many houses for sale in France, I would suggest that clients speak to their agents and tell them what they want and more importantly don't want. From experience, it saves all parties - the client, the agent and the vendor - a lot of time and unnecessary hassle."

According to the company, just over £80,000 will buy you a two bedroom bungalow in Brittany, while it is possible to pick up a ruin which would need extensive work could be snapped up for as little as £25,000.

Brittany is conveniently located and readily accessible from the UK, it also boasts a stunning coastline, and enjoys a vibrant culture, all factors which make it popular with holiday makers – meaning that the area also offers plenty of rental potential.

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