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Euro problems present opportunities for French Property owners and buyers

Euro problems present opportunities for French Property owners and buyers

Problems in the eurozone present great opportunities for those interested in French property, according to one financial expert.

David Johnson, Director of Halo Financial, sponsors of The French Village at A Place in the Sun Live, is very upbeat about the current level of Euro volatility and the beneficial effects it can have on property owners and buyers in Europe.

“Even those in the remotest parts of the world would not have avoided the barrage of Eurozone news over the last few months. Greece's near miss on full default is well documented. The debt threats to Portugal, Italy and Ireland remain talking points around the financial markets. In addition, a number of changes of government are due within the next year. With all these bad news headlines, it is a miracle that the Euro hasn't completely collapsed but it has definitely created opportunities for those who own, are intending to own or are selling properties in Europe.” he comments.

“The pace of change in the Sterling – Euro exchange rate means no one has to wait long to improve their finances through good transaction timing,” he added.

David will be delivering seminars covering the Euro's volatile trading conditions within The French Village on each day of the A Place in the Sun Live, which takes place between 30th March-1st April 2012 at London Earls Court.Tickets are £12 on the door but are currently still available priced at two for £15 with a FREE six month subscription to A Place in the Sun magazine.

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