Young people should look to emigrate overseas

Young people should look to emigrate overseas

With jobs scarce and unemployment among the under 25's rising, young Brits should look overseas for opportunities in order to save themselves from financial woes, according to one property expert.

Matthew Montagu-Pollock, who runs the website Global Property Guide, thinks that the best options for would-be émigrés are developing countries, where money goes further and there is a high quality of life and booming job markets.

His own experience of living in Manila in the Philippines was positive for both his career prospects and his financial position, and he believes that destinations such as Cambodia and Thailand would also offer plentiful opportunities for young people looking for work.

“In expensive cities – London, Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo – you'll end up spending 60 per cent of your salary on rent. Find somewhere where it's just 10 per cent, and you'll have a much better life. You are inherently rich, and can go out and spend money like you never would at home. You have a great social life, and finding work is like picking money off the floor. These are countries with 40 years of growth ahead. Young people can sit in under-employed Britain facing huge competition if they want but the best opportunities are overseas,” he commented.

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