Spain the happiest expat destination

Spain the happiest expat destination

Spain has been announced as the happiest expat destination, according to the latest findings from Lloyds TSB International.

The company's research asked over 1,000 British citizens in the 10 most popular expat destinations to rate their new homes on factors ranging from quality of life to cost of living.

75.9% of those who now lived in Spain said that they were happier now than when they were living in the UK, compared with the average of 68%. An important reason for the country's high ranking is the fact that over 70% of expats believed they were better off since their move, despite the country's poor economic situation. 80% agreed that the cost of living was low, a higher response than any other country.

Other countries which fared well on the happiness index were Canada and Germany, where 72.2 per cent and 71.4 per said they were happier respectively.

John Kramer, a British expat who lives in Andalucia, said that he was unsurprised by the fact most expats were happier in Spain, because its "outdoor lifestyle, traditional family values, and positive outlook on life” made it a very easy place to enjoy. “People still look after one another and really do live in the moment,” he explained. “The Spanish still seem to value the things that we have long ago forgotten."

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