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Luxury real estate "a long-term commitment worth making"

Luxury real estate

International luxury property developer Nick Candy has urged those considering a top end investment not to be put off by the current economic climate, stating in a recent interview that “if you invest in the very best real estate you will do very, very well".

Candy argues that “shrewd investors with access to capital' are increasingly viewing luxury property developments as “a long-term commitment worth making.”

The property developer who runs the Candy and Candy property empire with his brother Christian, is keen to promote luxury property not just as an exciting place to live, but also as a stable financial asset which can be passed down through the generations.

Among his tips for those considering an investment, New York came out top, with Candy praising its 'strong' market. However, he was also keen to point out the Middle and Far East as great places to begin a property portfolio.

"I think that Dubai will have a bounce back partly because of the Middle East uprisings. The Gulf regions want to go and buy real estate in Dubai. Also when you have that big a correction and that big a fall, I believe that it will go up quite quickly as well. And Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore; these are the areas of the world that I truly believe can sustain the high-end product, and will have the demand for it.” he commented

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