Invest in cities and beat Euro-toxicity

Invest in cities and beat Euro-toxicity

With economic uncertainty still affecting the global property markets, overseas property hunters are being urged to consider investing in a city property which will hold its value and remain a 'safe' investment.

And attention is being directed at three cities in particular - Krakow, Istanbul and Limassol.

All three cities have been selected for their predicted growth figures over the next year, their economic stability, booming infrastructure and popularity with visitors and investors. Other factors such as the UEFA 2012 Football Championships being held in Poland, or the construction of a large marina development in Limassol, are also set to attract buyers and will mean good news for those looking for a positive return on their investment.

Louise Reynolds of international estate agent Property Venture comments: "2011 was a year dominated by fears of, and grappling with, Euro-toxicity. Whilst sterling did not appreciate against the Euro as much as one might have expected, 2012 should be a year to look for great buys in Europe. It is true to say not all countries in Europe are suffering in quite the same way and just because the economic climate in one country doesn't look great, it doesn't mean that every city in the country is suffering."

"City property is a bit like island property, where limited space and land, in the given area, restricts supply, and in turn, can stimulate demand." she added.

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