Chinese build 30-storey building in just 15 days

Chinese build 30-storey building in just 15 days

A development firm in China has erected a 30-storey hotel in just 15 days, or 360 hours.

The developer, Broad Group, came under the global spotlight last year when it built a 16-storey residential block in China in just five days.

And their latest project, which is located in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha is no less impressive.

The 'flat pack' skyscraper was 90% pre-constructed in factories and then put together onsite. It uses one-sixth the materials of a comparable facility and is also an extremely energy-efficient building, combining thermal insulation, triple pane windows, external solar shading, fresh air heat recovery, and LED lighting. It is also earthquake-proof and is said to be able to withstand tremors of up to 9.0.

Having perfected their novel approach to construction the company now aims to build another 150 30-storey apartment buildings, hotels and offices in the same manner.

It is hoped that the ability to build property so quickly will revolutionize areas where property is in short supply.

The company believes that their approach could be used to quickly construct environmentally-friendly homes in over populated urban areas and could also be used in disaster relief to construct new buildings quickly and efficiently.

No doubt some British builders could take a leaf out of Broad's book...

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