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Become Meryl Streep's neighbour for 8.75 million USD

Become Meryl Streep's neighbour for 8.75 million USD

If you've got a spare $8.75 million and a desire for a more exclusive class of neighbour, then why not splash out on this chic waterfront home where you¹ll be able pop round to Meryl Streep's to ask for a cup of sugar.

The modern open-plan four bedroom, four bathroom property sits within exclusive unit where the Iron Lady star owns a penthouse. The River Lofts Condominium is located in the fancy Tribeca district of New York which also plays home to celebrities including Robert De Niro and Lou Reed and is the setting of the annual Tribeca film festival.

As well as the chance to bump into Meryl in the lift, your dollars will secure over 3,100 square feet of prime New York real estate, including a playroom and home office. The property also has an integrated media system which can control the music in the different rooms of the flat, large windows to make the most of the stunning Hudson river views, as well as a private balcony and access to the communal fitness room.

Plus, there¹s a doorman to keep out the riff raff.

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