USA property investment opportunities

USA property investment opportunities

With Sterling's value currently at a five month high against the US Dollar and the number of people seeking rental accommodation rising due to continuing foreclosures, Experience International estate agents believes that now is a good time to invest in the USA property buy-to-let market.

Experience International reports that properties in Florida and Michigan are currently receiving the greatest volume of buyer enquiries. But there are property investment opportunities across the country. The mid-western states of Missouri and Ohio, home to the growing cities of St Louis, Kansas City, Toledo and Columbus, present a highly appealing investment environment with sustained demand for rental accommodation generated by the large employment base and detached family homes available, according to Steven Worboys of Experience International.

Worboys comments: “There is huge demand for rental accommodation from working families in the mid-western cities such as St Louis and Toledo. Up to 50 per cent of residents in St Louis rent their homes with the majority seeking detached family homes. Property prices in these cities are well below the national median of $182,600 [£115,000] and owners can expect rental incomes of up to 12.5 per cent in addition to capital gain.”

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