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Property in Lucca

Property in Lucca

About Us

Why should buying a property for sale in Italy be stressful? It’s meant to be one of the best things you ever did. So make sure you choose the right property consultant to help you make the right move. One who understands you’re about to invest a whole lot more than money…


At Property in Lucca, we know all about trying to find the right property for sale in Tuscany – we’ve been there and done it ourselves. When we bought our Lucca home 16 years ago, our purchase was straightforward and often enjoyable. The reality matched our dream. Today, we make it our business to make your property purchase experience one to remember, for all the right reasons.


We’ll deliver a level of service that you’d expect from a high-end British property consultant, but with a much more personal touch. Having spent an equal amount of time working and living in London and Lucca, we want to provide you with tried and tested, Italian born and bred local expertise, underpinned by a delight in delivering cosmopolitan service with an international mindset.


To this end, we teamed up with a local Italian real estate agent, who is registered with FIMAA and has over 25 years’ local experience specialising in properties north of Lucca and around Bagni di Lucca, the heart of beautiful Tuscany. Together we will make your Italian dream a reality.


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35 Bartholomew Street

RG14 5LL

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