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We sell hand picked quality properties across the historic centre of Lisbon. We only sell properties that are easy to rent, and we would be happy to find a tenant for you. Our team are a mix of local Portuguese licensed real estate experts and real estate investors from Europe. Combined we provide the most dynamic and valuable service in Lisbon. We can save you weeks, months or even years of frustrating hours looking through the internet and trying to get the answers you need. (We know from experience!) We are a service based real estate agency, which means we can help you throughout all stages of the purchase: Buying process, Legal trusted partners, Renovation work, Golden visa, Tax residency, Property management and rental income solutions, and one day selling your property. When you buy from us we can offer market leading short term AIRBNB rental services on nearly every property located downtown. We know from experience the higher yielding properties need the best technology to get noticed and a great local team to meet the clients, we have both.

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