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Live Spain For Life has been operating for over 10 years now offering properties for sale on the Costa Blanca South and because we are considered to be a reliable, honest, company that has continued to work with the same ethics we have managed to survive through both the property highs and the lows.

Having originally moved out here to live and work, and being frustrated at the lack of reliable honest advice available, we feel through our own experiences and understanding we can now offer you a better buying experience.

We believe we are different because... We tell you what you really do need to know when buying Property on the Costa Blanca South, Spain From our own experience and that of others whom we have met along the way. At the very least we can guide you, warn you of some of the pitfalls, give you some of the tips and using our knowledge that we have learnt from the mistakes we and others have made before.

We understand that you not only want to find the best possible property at the best possible price, but just as important, in the right place with the right facilities for you and your individual needs. We also understand that you want to make up your own mind and in your own time (perhaps with this help and guidance) and not be pushed into a quick decision on something so important! Everything we do is designed on a should know basis, and a not what you think you want to hear! After all this is probably one of the biggest decisions you will ever make…


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