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Caravans in the sun

Caravans in the sun

About Us

Caravans in the Sun/Mobile Homes Abroad Ltd is a well established family company selling sited new and pre-owned mobile homes in France, Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, Italy and the Greek islands of Zante and Crete. The origins of the business stem from two of the four company directors (husband and wife team Will and Sue Kay) searching for their own dream holiday home over 20 years ago. The company has expanded many times over the years – inspired by customers asking for new destinations. Our customer base now includes thousands of happy customers from Europe, Australia and the USA. As the business has grown it has added office administration staff as well as customer service teams across Europe – all continuing to strive to maintain the original ethos that this is the family orientated company that cares – the sound basis of all our achievements.

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