Property for Sale on the Silver Coast

A Quick Look at Property on the Silver Coast

Coastlines don’t come much more dramatic than the Silver Coast. This is where, in winter, the world’s surfers gather to ride waves the size of a ten-storey building. Yet there are no ten-storey buildings in this lovingly preserved and unspoilt location.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t affordable property though. You have the choice of classy purpose-built resorts, or seaside towns that combine attractive old architecture with modern services and usability. Or you could choose rural properties where you can keep a bit of lifestock, grow your own wine and stable your horse at a fraction of the cost of the British alternative.

All this is just an hour’s drive from Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, in a country where the British are liked and well regarded, and with property prices in this part of Portugal a good 20 per cent cheaper than in the Algarve.

It’s the beaches that first impress. They are long, wild and sandy, usually backed not by tacky resorts but by countryside and the occasional fishing harbour. The most photogenic section is Obidos Lagoon, near to which are most of the resorts. The water is certainly colder than the Mediterranean and you have to be wary of the waves and the tides, but the cool water is wonderful in summer when the temperature hits 28ºC most days. 

There is no technical definition of the Silver Coast – Costa de Prata in Portuguese – and some say it continues all the way from Lisbon to Porto. Usually it is taken to be the 150 kilometres, however, from a little north of Lisbon to just beyond Nazaré. Along the way there are spectacular coastal towns such as Peniche or Obidos.

Holiday property companies have been developing here, but always mindful of the fact that the location’s appeal is that it is not the Algarve, but somewhere more traditionally Portuguese.

The Portuguese do love their golf however, and popular golf-beach-holiday communities include Praia d’el Rey and Royal Obidos which have 1,600 homes between them, where you can have a holiday and plenty of rental income, or live permanently with low-tax advantages. They love their horses too – they’re practically a way of life – and at Quintas de Obidos you are invited to bring your horse with you.

Don’t forget the independent rural properties though – they are very affordable and the locals will welcome you like old friends – which you soon will be.

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