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Where and how can you buy a property abroad?

Where and how can you buy a property abroad?

If you’ve been watching the latest series of the A Place in the Sun you’ll be well aware that deciding to buy your dream home abroad is just the first step – there are a whole series of big, life changing decisions that follow! Not least, you’ll need to decide where you want to buy your new apartment, villa or townhouse.

That’s where our Buying Guides come in. Browse our selection of guides that cover more than seventeen countries. Inside, you’ll find advice on where to buy your property, including information about the most popular regions, towns and cities, direct from property experts. The guides also cover everything from the purchase process in your chosen country to residency, schools, healthcare and life after Brexit.

And want to find out about how to plan your viewing trip once you’ve decided where to buy? We’ve got a guide for that too!

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