Living in Spain Post-Brexit | Useful Links

Living in Spain Post-Brexit | Useful links

Can you still move to Spain after Brexit? What documentation do you need in order to obtain Spanish residency? Take a look at this list of useful links supplied by the British Consul:

  • Information for UK nationals living in or moving to Spain, including guidance on residency, healthcare and passports can be found here.
  • Information on legal requirements and advice for British nationals on buying or renting property in Spain can be found here.
  • If you are planning to come to Spain to work, you may need a visa or permit. You should check with the Spanish Embassy in the UK.
  • The Spanish Consulate in London has information on its website about visas and the Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has more information here

If you missed our webinar on moving to Spain post-Brexit, the full recording is available here.

If you have a specific question about residency for a lawyer, you can contact Alex Radford from My Lawyer in Spain ([email protected]). And if you have questions about moving a pension and have assets of £200,000 you can contact Brett Hanson from Blevins Franks ([email protected]).

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