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Five Minute Focus | St John, US Virgin Islands

Five Minute Focus | St John, US Virgin Islands

Where is it?

This small 9 square mile gem sits in the northeastern part of the Caribbean Sea where it meets the western Atlantic Ocean. The island is rich in history. The island was first settled by the Taino Indians around 300 AD. Christopher Columbus discovered and names the Virgin Islands in 1493. In 1917 the US purchased St John from Denmark. Laurence Rockefeller purchased most of the island in 1956 and turned over most of his holdings into protected park land. Today The National Park has 7200 acres and the Coral Reef National Monument over 5000 acres underwater. St John thrives as one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations, it’s remote tranquility and mild climate lure travelers from all over the globe to enjoy its blue waters, white sand beaches, many hiking trails, historical ruins and warm sunny weather.

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How to get there?

St Thomas airport has multiple airline/daily flights. St John is a 30 minute taxi ride and 15 minute ferry boat trip away. Private water taxi’s & helicopters are another option. St John has a helipad but no airport.

Where to stay and how to get around?

The island luckily has about 800 vacation rentals, all privately owned, from B&B’s, small Boutique hotels, to villa rentals of varying sizes and price ranges to the Westin Resort. There are many Jeep rental agencies on island and the best way to get around, but be prepared, we still drive here on the left! St John still has the large open aired safari taxi buses to shuttle day trippers and the like to the various beaches on the north side of the island. If you’ve ever taken a vacation to an exotic location and wished you could stay forever, you’re not alone. Although you might think it is unattainable, owning a piece of the rock is a definite reality.

What can you buy?

St John has an average of 160 houses for sale on the MLS ranging from $349,000. eco/basic construction to $10 million plus for northshore luxury. St John has an average of 15 condominiums for sale averaging from $400,000 for a studio to over $2 million for luxury. For the builder /investor the St John MLS offers an average of 250 parcels of land for sale, averaging from $50,000 to over $7 million for prime north shore property. Regardless of your budget the brokers and sales agents of 340 Real Estate Co can show and sell all the properties that are on the MLS. Contact us today and have us put our collective 50+years of real estate experience to work to help you realize your dream of owning a piece of St John.


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